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eCourses web portal is designed to assist both students and professors in basic engineering courses. The web site includes all instructional material to conduct a course and there is no cost to either the instructor or student. Features include eBook, database of homework/quiz/test problems, solution to all problems, lectures in both Quicktime and Flash format, computer grading, and utilities. To help facilitate communications between students, instructors, and TAs there is an integrate web board and collaborative drawing board. Each web-based course is controlled and administered by the instructor.


eBooks Now Available: There are six complete engineering eBooks now available directly without having to register or set up any class. The eBooks cover Statics, Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Fluids, and Math The eBooks are also searchable using Google for fast and accurate indexing.

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  • Students: Obtain a Course Student ID from your instructor, click on the class topic and your specific class, and then set up your account.
  • Instructor: Contact the web portal administrator, Prof. Kurt Gramoll, (gramoll at ou dot edu) to receive an unique Key Number. After obtaining the key, just click on the class topic and set up your course.