Problem Diagram


A wheel-and-tire assembly is being tested on a tire balancer. The wheel-and-tire assembly is slightly out of balance. If this wheel were on a car, the car could be very difficult to control.

What is known:

  • slider mass m1 = 20 kg
  • wheel and tire mass m2 = 25 kg
  • spring constant k = 7,000 N/m
  • damping constant c = 56 N s/m
  • eccentricity d = 1 cm
  • rotation speeds 90, 120, 150 rpm


What is the equation of motion for the platform on which the wheel is mounted?


  • Determine the differential equation of motion.
  • Solve the differential equation for the homogeneous and particular parts.
  • Apply the initial conditions to the complete solution of the differential equation.
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