Problem Description

An underwater archway is being added to a large aquarium so that visitors can view the fish up close. The water in the aquarium will exert a tremendous force downward onto the transparent arch. This force needs to be calculated accurately so that a safe design can be developed.

What is known:

  • The tunnel radius, a, of the glass arch is 9 ft.
  • The water depth, b, is 20 ft.
  • The length of the arch, L, is 30 ft.
  • The water density ρ is 1.94 slug/ft3.

Dimension Diagram


What is the resultant force exerted on the glass arch?


  • Determine the pressure exerted by the water on the surface of the arch.
  • Integrate the x and y components of the pressure over the surface area of the transparent arch to get the resultant force in the x and the y directions respectively.
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