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    Setting up and Managing Accounts

Login in screen for each class. Students must set up
their account (top link) before entering class.


A class that is set up at is managed only by that classes instructor, including student accounts. Before any student can enter a given class, they must have an account. The account is initiated by the instructor of the class by entering a user ID into the system. Only the instructor for that class can add students. Of course, the instructor needs to set up his or her account first as explained in the Instructor section

Once the student ID has been added to the class, the individual students then can set up their account using the their ID as mentioned in the Student section. The students enter their names, email and own password to activate the account. These items can be changed by the student at any time, but the student ID cannot be modified.

The system tracks all users by the ID and not the name.

    Changing Student Information - Students



Students manage their own accounts and are allowed to change the name, email and password at any time. This is done by clicking on the "Change Pass" and "Edit Info" links in the main menu. This allows the student to use the name, email and password that they prefer. It also alleviates the need for the instructor to enter everyone's name, email, and password.

    Changing Information - Instructors



The instructor can edit both student and instructor information. For example, if the student forgets his or her password, the instructor can over write the old forgotten password with a new one. However, the old password cannot be determined since it is encrypted in the system. The instructor can also change the name and email of any student if necessary.


Login in screen for each class. Students must set up
their account (top link) before entering class

The instructor can also edit their own account information. This is done by clicking on the "Edit Pass/name" link in the main menu. Note, the student obviously does not have the link in their main menu. Unlike the student accounts, both the login name and password can be changed at anytime. Since the instructor account is permanent and can never be deleted, the user name can also be changed. The system tracks the instructor account by the class number and not the instructor's account name.

In addition to the user accounts, the instructor can also edit class information that was set up when the class was initially created. This includes addresses, TA information, class location, contact information, class name/number, etc. This material can be edited by clicking on the "Edit Admin Info" in the admin menu.

Please note that both the last name of the instructor and the course number must not be left blank. This information is used to identify your class in the eCourses web site. All other information can be left blank if not required.

  Adding Students to Class - Instructor

Main screen to manage student accounts

Students are added to a class typing any unique 4 to 12 character text string in the "Add New Student" field and clicking on the "Add" button. The students need to know their ID number that was used to add them to the system. Generally, this number would be their University ID number. This number cannot be changed by the student or the instructor.

Once an ID has been added to the system it will be listed to the left of the screen (see diagram on the left). Until the students add their name, the listing will show only the ID number and the statement "No Student Information". As students set up their accounts with name and email, there names will appear on the list.

The instructor can also edit student information and overwrite passwords by selecting the student, clicking on the radio button, and then clicking on the "Proceed" button. In addition to editing student information, the instructor can email individual students and change assignment or test scores.


All student scores can be modified by the instructor
  Changing Scores - Instructor

The instructor has the option to change any homework, quiz or test score. This is done by going to the "Account" in the admin menu and clicking on the student's name. Then select the "Edit Student Scores" radio button and click "Proceed". This brings up a list of problem sets that are past the due date.

Each score is changed individually to avoid possible errors in changing multiple scores at one time. There is a "Change" button for each problem set.

The instructor can also add or change the note that is associated with each problem set. The system automatically makes a note for late submissions.

This screen also shows the current grade and how it is calculated. The grade cut off levels are set by the instructor by clicking on the "Grade Dist" link.

  Score Report - Instructor

  To help the instructor manage the grading for the class, a spreadsheet-like form can be viewed with all assignment scores and totals. An example of this form is shown below. Each homework, quiz and test is listed along with the student total. The grade is also shown based on the grade cut-off levels set by the instructor. The relative percentage weights are also shown at the top which are also set by the instructor.

Spreadsheet form to view all student activity
  Log Information - Instructor
    The "Log Information" link in the admin menu allows the instructor to view the activity of any students in regards to problem set viewing, submission and solution viewing. The log information gives what the student did, time, IP number of the student's computer and other basic information. This information can help the instructor understand what happened with a particular submission, or if the student did something wrong.
  Email All Students - Instructor
    An email message can be sent to all students that have set up their user accounts by clicking on the "email to Students" link in the admin menu. The message is sent to all email addresses that have been set up by the students. Remember, the students can change their own email address. This helps assure that students receive the message to the email address that they are most likely to scan.
  Change All Passwords - Instructor

At the end of the class, the instructor can randomly change all student passwords. This allows the instructor to close the class from student access without deleting student records.


Class news is edited in the "Chang News" screen
  News Editor - Instructor

Each class can post news or other information on the home page of that class. This is done by clicking on the "Change News" link in the admin menu and typing any text as illustrated on the right. This information will appear on the home page in bold red text. To change or delete, just type new information or delete the current information. Remember to submit all changes by clicking on the "Change" button.


Each class can have its own course information
  General Course Information - Instructor

The instructor for each class can post general information about their class in the "Course Information Editor". This is accessed by clicking on the "Edit Course Info" link in the admin menu. This information is accessed by the students through the "My Course Info" link. This information can also be accessed by any one outside the class on the home page. This allows prospective students to view information about your class before enrolling.