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Each of the courses at eCourses have a full electronic textbook that can integrated with the syllabus or used as a stand-alone text. Students always have access to the eBook without logging into the system by clicking on the "eBook" link within the respective course page. This link opens up a separate window that has links to all chapters as shown at the left.

The eBook can be navigated by clicking the chapter and then the section. Like a printed textbook, you can move from chapter to chapter or section to section without restriction.

Each section has a detailed case study of a typical engineering problem that is used to illustrate the concept covered in that section. There is also a theory page that presents the basic engineering principles and equations needed for to solve that case.

To help understand each cases and its associated theory, various media types are used such as animations, sound, graphics, and simulations. In each section, there is also a detailed simulation where the user can vary different parameters used in the case study. This permits the user to better understand how each of the variables in the case study effect the problem.


Typical page from the web-based eBook
  eBook and the Class Syllabus

eBook links in the online Syllabus

The instructor has the option to set up an online syllabus and link each section to the syllabus for quick reference. As each section is assigned for a given week, links are automatically set up to the eBook for that week. This gives the student an addition path to open the eBook. An example of a linked syllabus is shown on the right.

The automatic linking can be turned off by the instructor if it does not fit the class structure. This is done in the "Admin Menu" under the "Syllabus Manager" by clicking on the preferences link. Currently, there is no option to upload new eBook content by individual instructors.