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  Web-based Lectures (eLectures)


Each of the courses at eCourses has a complete set of online lectures that are integrated with the syllabus or used as a stand-alone learning tool. Students always have access to the eLectures without logging into the system by clicking on the "eLectures" link within the respective course page. This link displays a chapter listing that has links to lectures (see image at left).

By clicking on a chapter, a list of all lectures in the chapter will be displayed. Most sections will have 2 - 6 lecture and will include both theory and examples. Generally, there is one example lecture for each theory lecture.

Each lecture also has a summary graphic that represents the final information from that lecture. It is similar to a picture of the blackboard at the end of a lecture. The total length of each lecture is also displayed.

  Operating eLectures Movies

Typical Flash movie

When a "Flash Video" link is clicked, a pop-up window appears with the lecture. The movie automatically starts playing with sound. You can stop and rewind the movie at anytime. You can also scroll through the movie by using the slider. If you use the slider, you will need to click on the play button again for the movie to start.

Since each of the movies is a Flash-based video, you can resize the window. This is helpful if there is some part of the text or image that is too small to read. You can also click on the video with your right mouse button and choose "zoom in" to enlarge a given section.

These lectures were taken in a real class and thus there will be questions and various comments about the content.

  eLectures and the Class Syllabus

eLectures are also linked in the online Syllabus

The instructor has the option to set up an online syllabus and link each section to the syllabus for quick reference. As each section is assigned for a given week, links are automatically set up to the eLectures for that week. This gives the student an additional path to open the eLectures. An example of a linked syllabus is shown on the left.

The automatic linking can be turned off by the instructor if it does not fit the class structure. This is done in the "Admin Menu" under the "Syllabus Manager" by clicking on the preferences link. Currently, there is no option to upload new eLectures content by individual instructors.

    Creating new eLectures
(only for your Class)


One of the latest features at eCourses is the ability for each instructor to make their own Flash-based eLectures for thier class. There is nothing to install or download since it is all done withing the website. We are very excited about this feature since there is not like it on the web.

Basically, you will draw and talk on a web page and the system will record your drawing with your voice, and then produce a Flash animation. This animation is saved on the server and linked to only your class. Thus only your students can view the lectures and lets you control access to your eLectures.


Creating eLectures need title and location in syllabus


Creating eLectures need title and location in syllabus


The feature is activated by going to the admin section of the web site (instructor only) and clicking on the Create Lecture link. This page lets you create a new one, edit old titles, and delete old eLectures.

When you first click the Create eLecture link, you will see a form asking for the name and section number of the eLecture you are about to create. This information is used to identify the eLecture and where to place it in the sllybus. The title can be edited later.

When the title is entered, the actual drawing page will pop up in a new browser window, as shown at the left. The tool requires you to connect your mic. Then you need to start the recording by clicking the Record button (notice, the same button just changes names and function). When you are done, click the Stop button. At this time, the drawing and narration is sent to the server. You may need to wait a few seconds (or minutes with dial up connection). Next, you need to click the Compile Movie button to make the actual Flash movie. After the movie is compiled, it will appear in the window for your inspection. If you do not like it, you can delete it and start again. Sorry, there is no way to edit the movie online.

The eLectures that you created are automatically linked to your class so that your students can view them at any time. You do not need to do anything for the links to be active.

If you wish to have a copy of the eLectures on your local computer, you can retrieve it from your browser cache. Currently, there is no method to download the file from the server directly.