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Class grading levels in "My Course Info" link


The eCourses web portal does both problem grading and allows the instructor to set grade levels. Since the problem grading features are covered in the problem section, only the course grading features are mentioned here.

  Grade Percentages Table


If the grading system is being used for your class, you can view the grade cut-off percentage and assignment percentage by clicking on "My Course Info". The tables at the bottom of that web page, as shown on the left, reports the current levels set by the instructor.

Students can also view their individual assignment grades and their over all grade at any time. The instructor can view all student scores.


Example of a class grade distribution graph
  Class Performance Graphs


To help both students and instructors to visually see the overall performance of their class, a grade distribution graph is produced for the class. The graph is updated based on the percentage set for the class. It only factors in those homeworks, quizzes and tests that have been completed through the web site. Outside assignments or tests are not included. An example of the graphic is shown on the left.

The student will see this graph when they view thier grades. The instructor will see it when he or she view the student grades.


Instructor setup screen for grading
  Setting Grade Percentages - Instructor


Like all courses, grades are set based on percentage of correct problems in homework, quizzes and tests. The "cut-off" percentage for each grade can be set by the instructor as shown at the left. Any percentage can be entered, as long as a lower grade does not have a higher cut-off level than a higher grade.

In addition to the grade cut-off levels, the grade percentage for homework, quiz and test can be set. Currently, the system only allows ten tests to be assigned. The percentage of all tests, quizzes and homework must add up to 100. The grading system is only for work complete through the web site and may not include other class requirements. Students should check with their professor.

For homework and quizzes completed using eCourses, the option to drop the lowest grade can be turned on and off.