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Fig. 1: Click on "Set up New Class" to
set up your new class. After the set up
is completed, the class will
automatically appear in the menu.


In order to set up your own class, you must first obtain a "Key Number" from Dr. Kurt Gramoll, This number is used to restrict non-instructors from setting up a class.

After you have a key number, you need to go to the course section (i.e. Statics, Dynamics, etc) and click on "Set Up New Class" as shown in Fig. 1. Please note, each key number is only good for one class. If you want to set up multiple classes, you need one key number for each class. Also, key numbers only work for a given course.

The Course setup screen (Fig. 2) allows you to enter basic information about your class. This information is used to customize your home page. The first section is used to identify your class from other class. Information in this section is required. Other information is optional and can be modified later after the class is set up. It is important that you select both a username and password so that you can login into the class.

The key number must also be entered on this form. After the class is set up, the key number is not used again. The Last Name and Course Number is used to identify your class in the eCourses menu (see Fig. 1).


After your class is set up, additional class information can be set up when you login with your Username and Password. Only your account has administrative rights for your class which allows you to edit all class information and add student Username IDs. Thus you can restrict your class to only those students that have enrolled in your class. Also, other class features like eLectures, eBook, problems, etc. can be turned on or off.

All information can be edited and changed later.


Fig. 2: Basic class information setup form