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    Setup user account - Student

Step 1: First choose your class by
class number and instructor


Step 2: Click on the
"Student Acct Setup" link


To set up an account you first must obtain a "Username ID" from your professor or instructor. Next, go to your class by first selecting the course topic (i.e. Statics, Dynamics, etc.) and then click on your class. Make sure that you choose your class since your ID will not work with other classes.

The first time you access your class, you must setup an account. This is done by clinking on the "Student Acct Setup" link in the menu.

The account screen asks for your name, email and password. You must also enter your username ID that was given to you by your instructor. This may also be your university ID number. Please check with your instructor. Your name and password can be changed latter by you but not the username ID.

After your account has been set up, you can go back to the main home page for your class and login. If you forget your password, see your instructor and they can reset it for you.

Step 3: Fill out the form to set up your account
(Username/ID is given to you by your instructor)