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The syllabus, created by the instructor through the web, lists each week and the associated subjects to be taught. The syllabus also lists the eBook sections and the eLectures that are associated with the listed topics. There is also a column that the instructor can place notes or references to outside material or textbooks. A html command can also be used in the comments column to link to an outside web page.

The instructor can elect not to have the eBook, eLectures or notes listed. What is displayed is controled by the syllabus preference screen.

The eBook links in the syllabus will open a new browser window with the content for that section appearing. The lectures links will give you a listing of all lecture movies that are available for that week's topics. The actual movie will appear in its own browser window.

    Syllabus Set Up - Instructor

Screen to set the total number of week in the Syllabus

Until the instructor sets up the syllabus, any student clicking on the syllabus link will only see a message stating that the syllabus has not be created. To set up the syllabus, first go to the Admin Menu and click on the "Syllabus Manager" link.

The screen at the right will appear. Until the number of weeks is set to non-zero, the syllabus will not be active. The number of weeks can be changed at any time, but if you reduce the number of weeks, any information for those deleted weeks will be lost. This screen is also used to set the preferences, such as what to display in the syllabus.

At the top, links are provided to edit the schedule and syllabus.


Each week has a starting date set by the instructor
  "Edit schedule" link - Instructor
  After the number of weeks has been set (see previous section) the instructor can assign dates to each week. It is assumed that the date is the first part of the week. However, there are no restrictions on the date except that they must be in order. The dates can be changed at any time during the course by the instructor.

Each topic in the course can be set to any week
  "Edit syllabus" link - Instructor

The most important part of the syllabus editor is the ability to assign different topics to each week. The "Edit syllabus" screen allows the instructor to assigned any week to each topic that is covered in the eBook or the eLectures. Each topic does not have to be assigned a week, just like skipping sections in a textbook. There are also some miscellaneous sections such as "review" and "break" that can be set for any week.

More than one topic can be assigned for a given week. The syllabus simply lists all assigned topics within the week in numerical order of the section numbers. There is also a comments field that can be used to reference outside material or textbook sections. It could also be used to add topics to the syllabus that are not in the eBook. The comment field also supports html commands so that a link could be set to an outside web page.

  "View syllabus" link - Instructor
    The "View syllabus" link permits the instructor to view the syllabus as it is being edited. This screen is what each student will also see when they click on the syllabus link in the main menu.

The syllabus can be viewed to check all information