3528 S - ENGR& 215 Dynamics - ENGR& 215
Spring 2018
8:30 AM - 9:50 AM MWF
WHI 352

Akram Ali
Everett Community College
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As announced in class, please find
Homework No. 8.
Homework No. 8 Solution.

As announced in class today Monday 11-26-2018, please be informed:

Quiz#2 will take place in Class on Wed, 11/28/2018

As announced in class, please be informed:
-Example set 7 is available now.
-Homework set 7 will be viewable at 11:00 PM
11.16.2018 Lecture and example

As announced in class, please be informed:
-Example set 6 is available now.
-Homework set 6 will be viewable at 11:00 PM
Holidays: November 12, 22, 23,
No Day or Evening Classes: November 21

Computational Analysis Problem
This project must be done in teams.
Read the Project Document
Here or on Canvas
The project deliverable(s) are:
1)-Solution to the project problem:
Follow Project Rubric expectations and make sure all your steps are clearly shown and labeled
2)-A MATLAB script or EXCEL spreadsheet featuring calculation, plots
3)-A report (one per group) addressing the questions and describing your strategy, analysis, procedure (including diagrams and graphs) and solution Plot, Position-Velocity Curve Relationships, integrated within the report.
4)-An individual statement summarizing your analysis process, solution and your contribution to the team.
Please merge the deliverable(s) in one PDF document and upload to Canvas by The Due Date & Time (Monday, December 10 2018 at 11:59pm)

As announced in class, please be informed:
-Example set 5 is available now.
-Homework set 5 will be viewable at 11:00 PM

Quiz 1 Information:

Assignment tab> quiz folder> quiz 1


Availability: from OCT. 23. 2018 @ 23:00 to OCT. 25. 2018 @ 23:55.
Duration: 01 Hrs. and 50 Minutes (110 minutes)
Taking the Quiz: Once you start taking the Quiz you must finish before exiting the site. YOU CAN NOT COME BACK.
IP address and time spent on Quiz are logged, any violation will render your quiz invalid and a score of ZERO (FIRM, NO Excuse will be accepted) will be awarded.
Note: Solution will be viewable at 23:59 on Thursday, 25th of OCT!


Exam_Midterm, Friday 10-26-2018
As announced in class, please be informed:
-Example set 4 is available now.
-Homework set 4 will be viewable at 11:00 PM
Handout No. 1)-Solving Dynamics Problems.
Handout No. 2)-Solution to the last Example.

Final Exam
As per Final Exam Schedule our Final Exam is on Monday, December 10th @ 8:00 to 9:50 a.m. in Room 352 WHI
Project Prepration:
Using MATLAB or Excel, you are required to perforth m a parametric analysis following the instructions provided with your soon to be released project assignment. To prepare for your project, please consider taking The MATLABŪ Onramp (Free) course. It provides a brief introduction to MATLAB. Learn language syntax and understand common MATLAB workflows interactively and at your own pace.

lectures and Applications are posted below, please check them out frequently!

17)-Principle of Impulse & Momentum_8.1.
15)-Kinetics Of a Rigid Body_6.2, 6.3 and 6.4.
14)-Moment of Inertia_6.1.
13)-Rotating Coord. System_5.6/7.
12)-General motion_5.4.
11)-General motion_5.2 and 5.3.
10)-General motion_5.1.
9)-Angular Momentum.
7)-Conservation Of Linear Momentum.
6)-Principle of Impulse & Momentum.
4)-Cons,of Energy.
2)-Pulleys Applications.
1)-Particle Kinematics.

Welcome to Class!
The objective of this course is for you to acquire the skills and learn the concepts necessary to construct and solve mathematical models that, describe both the motion and the forces system causing motion of engineering systems which are accelerating.
If any student wants a model as how to write technical paper this book provides that Model