Chapter 7



Topics Covered

  1. Plane Stress
  2. Principal Stresses and Maximum Shear Stresses
  3. Mohr's Circle for Stress
  4. Failure
  5. 3D Stress State (under development)
  6. Pressure Vessels
  7. Stress Concentrations (under development)

The topic menu above allows you to move directly to any of the four sections for each topic. The sections are:

Case Intro: To help introduce and understand the basic principles, a case study is presented.

Theory: This section will review the basic principles and equations that you should know to answer the exam questions. It does not give detailed derivations of the theory.

Case Solution: The case study is solved in detail in this section. Graphics, narrations, animations, and equations are used to help you understand how the problem was solved.

Example: Addition example problem(s) for some sections.