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    Welcome to eCourses

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The web portal was designed to assist both students in learning and instructors in teaching basic engineering courses. The portal is similar to other course management systems, such as Canvas, D@L, Blackboard and WebCT, but eCourses has all the content needed to learn the topic. Some of the features Included are


Dr. Kurt Gramoll
Hughes Professorship
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
  Who can use eCourses?


Anyone can use eCourses. Whether you are a student or instructor, you can access the electronic material at eCourses. The eBook and eLectures are available to all visitors without being in a class or even logging on. However, to get the most out of eCourses, the instructor should set up a class and then add their students. Any instructor can set up a class by simply requesting a "Key Number" from Dr. Kurt Gramoll, The key number is used to insure that only instructors set up class and not students. Setting up a class is easy to do and is done completely through the web. There is nothing to download or install on your local computer.




    What is the Cost? None!

There is no cost to use eCourses
  One of the most common questions is "How much?" or "What strings are attached?" The answer to both is none for both students and instructors. Once electronic material is developed, there is practically no cost to deliver it over the Internet. As of now, there is no need to charge fees for the content or service. We hope to continue this for a long time. The benefit to me is that I do not have to ask permission to a publisher to add or change content. The flexibility to develop what is important to current users is well worth not teaming up with a publisher. Besides, publishers have a very poor track record on delivering quality electronic media. With the Internet, publishers role is greatly reduced so why pay them a service fee in terms of expensive books?

    Setting up a Class - Instructor Only

There is no cost to use eCourses

As mentioned above, any instructor who wishes to use eCourses can request a "Key Number" from Dr. Kurt Gramoll, Please state your institution and department so that you can be verified as a real instructor at that institution. This key number permits you to set up a personalized class in eCourses and is not used to control your class or limit your access. Without it, any student could set up a class and view all problems.

Once you receive your key number for a particular class, go to that course, such as Statics, and click on "Set Up New Class". There you will enter your class information and the key number. There are only a few required fields and all the class information can be changed latter once the class is set up. You will also be asked for a username ID and password. They can be anything you wish and can be changed latter. Please remember these two items since they are used to logon to your class.

Please note, once the class is set up, you will not use the key number again. It is not used to logon. The username ID and password that you choose are used to logon.



Only Macromedia Shockwave and
Apple Quicktime Plugins are
used at eCourses

  One of the benefits of a web-based course is that there no programs that must be installed. Just go to the web site using any computer and access your material. Of course, you do need Internet access.You may also need to install Shockwave and Quicktime plugins (browser extensions) if you do not already have them. The plugins are free and there are links on the main page to download them.